Stirring from an unconscious state, a tiny frame splayed on one corner of the bed…Amia Jade knew she was in an uncommon place. Reaching over in the dark space, attempting to locate my face, the toddler wanted assurance that I had not vacated my stay.

Deciding that all was safe, Amia drifted back to a place of rest. With only a few hours gone, a repeat of the former actions took place. Rolling over to make sure Godmomma was there. That she hadn’t left without a care to the fact that someone is lying near. Who is slightly afraid, taking temporary residence in a new place. Consoled each time she’d hear the whisper of her name or to feel my hand brush gently across her face.

Contending with sleep the remainder of the night, we both anticipated the dawning of a new day. No longer dismayed, finally able to perceive my face, Amia scurried out of bed ready to conquer the day…

With the Holy Spirit highlighting that date, I ascertain the Lord is saying “I know you’re trying to confirm My presence. I know you’re questioning whether I’m here. I’m there and yes, I care (1 Peter 5:7)...I haven’t forgotten about you. Yes, I see you…I will never leave you nor forsake you (Deut 31:6)…”

While I do not know your story or the storms that you are in, I can say with surety, HOLD ON! God is most certainly here. He is with you and within you! He loves with an unfailing love. There’s no searching of His understanding (Isa 40:28)…whatever you’re in need of, BELIEVE, and know that it’s already done (Mk 11:24).

If ever you question God’s whereabouts…if you wonder whether He’s near. Remember that He’s there and began to declare, “Lord, I know that You are here.”


June Thomas