1. Where are Giovanni and Astrid from?

    Astrid is from Edison, Nj. Giovanni is from the Bronx, Ny.

  2. What does Astrid do for a living?

    Astrid is a Farmers Insurance agent.

  3. What does Giovanni do for a living?

    I’m a youth pastor at Life Church and a Worship Artist. 

  4. Tell me about your kids.

    We’ve been blessed to parent 3 amazing world changers that each individually bring a specific gift to this world and to their generation. While all 3 are fearless Asher brings boldness and strength, Lennon is love and compassion and Norah brings a reminder of freedom and accountability.

  5. How long have you been in ministry?

    We have been in ministry since 2012.

  6. How were you called to ministry?

    Life is ministry. Ministry is taking a moment to realize that its not just about you. What have we done today that matters? 

  7. Tell me about your vision for the students here at Life Church.

    Love God Love people . The vision is for them to have a revelation of God as their father. For them to encounter Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a way that will leave them involved with Jesus more than anything the world has to offer and to fearlessly become who God created them to be.

  8. Chocolate or Vanilla and why?

    Vanilla, because it's the O.G of flavors.

  9. How can people connect with you?

    Follow me on my Instagram http://www.instagram/g.oartministry