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Dearly Beloved,

Does it ever seem overwhelming that the kingdom of God is within us (Lk 17:21)? That we are tasked with the discipleship of nations (Mk 16:15)? That we are expected to heal the sick by praying (James 5:16)? That the unseen love of God becomes visible when I love people (I John 4:12)? That I am the light of the world (Matt 5:14)? That he is expecting me to do greater things than He did (John 14:12)?!

Maybe like me, these scriptures are incredibly inspiring but seem, well impossible! He set the bar pretty it would literally take a miracle!

Mary, like us, was a normal everyday kind of girl who had some completely impossible things prophesied over her. They were wonderful prophecies that would take a miracle!  Her response?  She asked “how will this be”?  The angel responded “The Holy Spirit will come upon (Greek word= eperchomai) you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you”.

Likewise Jesus said to us at the birth of the church “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you (eperchomai) and you will be my witnesses” Acts 1:8.

Bottom line the same Holy Spirit action “eperchomai” that miraculously produced Jesus in Mary is the same Holy Spirit power miraculously producing Jesus in you and me.

May we respond in expectation like Mary, I am the Lord’s servant, may your words to me be fulfilled! Be on the lookout ...for when the Holy Spirit comes upon flesh Jesus gets birthed!

Love you,


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Live Loved. Lead Loved. Serve Loved.

First, we are a group of women walking in the revelation that because of Jesus’ great love for us we have the opportunity for abundant life.  We endeavor to know the love of God, and to allow every activity of our lives be a result of the love He has poured out for us.

We Are Better Together.

Jesus made it pretty clear, we are to love Him and love each other, so being together is pretty important stuff to us.

We offer an annual calendar of events intended for women of all ages. These events are intended to grow our faith and develop meaningful relationships. Please check out the calendar and don’t miss out on our next event. 


Go! Missions outreach:

I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Who shall I send, and whom shall go for us?"  Then I said "Here I am, send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Go! represents our missional/outreach activities. We are GOING! Join us!

Continuous Women's Outreach Opportunities:

  • McKemie Place - provides food on the first Sunday of every month to the homeless women at McKemie Place. Leader: Lindsey Gurley
  • The Stork Umbrella –  Leader: Janet Rivera
    • Hannah’s Hope – Praying for those who want children
    • Embrace – Meals provided to new parents after delivery as well as prayer for new families
    • Restore – personal care and outreach for those who have miscarried
  • Life’s Design – we are a group of women who love to make things “beautiful” and we use this opportunity to minister to those in need while using our gifting’s. We will decorate one room of choice upon acceptance of application. Leader: Michelle Stringfellow
  • Valentines to Widows – help us make a special “happy” for widows on Valentines Day


We truly are better together, so won’t you join us?  To get involved or find out more about the Women’s Ministry of Life Church, please email